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Starfire is a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities. The data is clear; people with disabilities grow increasingly lonely and isolated as adults. Working with one person at a time, Starfire connects people to relationships and uncovers a person's talents and passions - so they can thrive in their communities alongside their neighbors.

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Starfire's Flood: A letter from Tim

Starfire's Flood: A letter from Tim

On Sunday, August 2, people at Starfire's building noticed muddy water welling up from the floor.  Within a few hours, there was 3 inches of mud and throughout the building.  We contacted emergency plumbers and cleaners, who have been working around the clock since.  Apparently, a pipe burst under the building sometime in the past week, leaking water under our concrete slab.  Eventually, that water had no place to go but up through our floor.
At this point, we have lost all of our flooring, much of the drywall, and some… Read More

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